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I have a disease – what do I get at MGHC?

What you do NOT get is medical or disease care. That is the domain of doctors.

What you do get is help establishing the healthy lifestyle that will enable your body to clear any disease.

This support will include:

  • Enzyme Advice providing you with information about the critical enzymes, without which there can never be good health.
  • Nutritional Advice essential to enable adequate healing and full recovery. Follow simple healthy eating, step by step, with tips and easy meal plans to keep you on track.
  • Effective Supplementation for a healthy nutrient intake. Including advice on the many missing minerals from the Western diet. Know what to take, when and how, to maximise their benefits.
  • Liquid Intake to ensure you are getting the correct amount of pure fluid intake over the day, every day.
  • Activity Advice to ensure your body does not stagnate. Even if exercise feels out of your reach, we will match you with a type of movement that is easy to achieve, at any level of ability.
  • Relaxation Advice to teach your body and mind how to focus, de-stress normal body processes, and create a positive recovery environment.
  • Healthy Breathing Advice to ensure optimal oxygen/carbon dioxide to create healthy cells, and to achieve maximum oxygen transition.
  • Emotional and Psychological Support to help you experience a strong and positive mind-set for good health. Make the transition to healthy living easily and hassle free. This is not just a ‘plan’, this is a normal way of life!

Can you achieve Good Health without personal coaching?

Yes, just the same as Andy Murray or Rafael Nadal can coach themselves to great results, but
they know support from a knowledgeable Coach will help them reach the best possible greatness.