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I have a disease, what do I get at MGHC?

What you do NOT get is medical or disease care. That is the domain of doctors.

What you do get is help establishing the healthy lifestyle that will enable your body to clear any disease.

This support will include:

  • Enzyme advice about the critical enzymes without which there can never be good health.
  • Nutritional advice for a healthy diet and the supplementation needed for good health (eg advice on the missing minerals from the western diet such as iodine, selenium and many more).
  • Liquid intake advice to ensure, you are getting the correct amount of water intake over the day.
  • Activity advice to ensure your body does not stagnate from sitting more than is healthy and you maintain strong muscles at every age.
  • Healthy Breathing advice to ensure the correct oxygen carbon dioxide balance in your lungs and blood stream that creates healthy cells.
  • Emotional and Psychological Support to help you get a strong mindset for good health.

Can you achieve Good Health without personal coaching?

Yes, just the same as Andy Murray or Rafa Nadal can coach themselves to great results but they know support from a Coach will help them ensure the best possible greatness.

Good Health Coaching may help you to achieve
the best prize of all, GOOD HEALTH.

What will it cost me?

Good Health Coaching is Complimentary and will stay that way while we build up a Library of Outcomes to prove adherence to a good health plan works.

What do I need to do next?

Simply download any of my eBooks below and chose your next step:

  1. Receiving my newsletter.
  2. Registering to start your Good Health Coaching.
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